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Aluminum Oxide

Applications: To be used only in air blasting applications with boride nozzles recommended – ideal for suction blast cabinets. It will produce a matte finish and is often used to etch glass and stone.

Also used as a non-slip enhancement when coating concrete floors by either including in the coating or broadcasting over the coating. Brown and white aluminum oxide is also used as an agent in fluidized beds for heat transfer and maintaining precise temperature control.

Specs: Aluminum Oxide is a fast-cutting abrasive in the range of 80 HRC. Because it is an insulating material, it should not be used prior to brazing as it inhibits capillary attraction. It is not used prior to plating unless a chemical cleaning bath is employed as it will not carry a current and can cause plating voids.


Photo of brown aluminum oxide

Applications: Rust removal; Surface preparation for thermal spray coatings; mill scale removal; heat treat scale removal

Specs: Our brown aluminum oxide is high-quality fused virgin material produced to conform to all major industrial and governmental standards including:

  • CID A-A-59316
  • ANSI B74.12-2001
  • GE Aircraft Engine Group D50TF5
  • Most Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Specifications

Grit size of this material ranges from 16 (0.043 inches) to 220 (0.0025 inches)


Photo of white aluminum oxide

Applications: This material is specially treated for the removal of iron in order to prevent contamination of the object being blasted – used when surface contamination cannot be tolerated.

Specs: Premium material that’s closely graded. White Aluminum Oxide is available in grit sizes ranging from 12 to 1200.