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Blasting Abrasives: White Aluminum Oxide

White aluminum oxide is a specialty abrasive that has higher purity compared to brown aluminum oxide (no free iron) while still maintaining high hardness. White aluminum oxide is used in applications where deep penetration must be avoided.

White Aluminum Oxide

The high friability properties of this aluminum oxide blasting media combined with its high hardness allow it to work fast.

White aluminum oxide abrasive blasting media should not be used before brazing as it inhibits capillary attraction. It is not used before plating unless a chemical cleaning bath is employed because it will not carry a current and can cause plating voids.

White Aluminum Oxide


  • General industrial use
  • Lapping/polishing
  • Decorative non-skid tile
  • Pressure blasting
  • Grinding wheels
  • Precision grinding

8 to 220 mesh

Mohs – 9.0

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