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Stainless Steel Powder

Our stainless steel powder is an affordable metal powder commonly used for a variety of applications. Pellets LLC ships stainless steel powder in small and large quantities.

Our stainless steel powder takes on an angular shape, as can be seen in the magnified image.

Stainless Steel Powder


  • Shielding component for radioactive material
  • Biological cell tracking
  • Creating stainless appearance on surfaces (i.e., mix with epoxy)
  • Ideal for applications requiring density
  • Filler

Angular (as depicted in magnified image)

Approximately 225 lbs/ft3


  • 302/304 alloy (stainless steel)
  • Partially magnetic as a result of cold working


  • Screened to various mesh ranges


  • Lined plastic pails
  • Lined 30-gallon corrugated drum
  • Lined 55-gallon steel drum
  • We also accommodate special packaging requirements.
Magnification of Blasting Abrasive

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