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Blasting Abrasives: Garnet Media

Garnet is a natural, mined product that excels in dustless blasting (wet-blast) applications due to its ability to safely remove paint or graffiti. Garnet blasting succeeds in causing no damage to the underlying material being blasted, such as brick or block. Garnet is also used extensively in waterjet cutting.


This angular abrasive is also a common replacement for silica sand, which is commonly known to cause silicosis (a very dangerous lung infection).


  • Dustless blasting/wet-blast
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Water filtration


  • 20-40 mesh
  • 30-60 mesh
  • 80 mesh


  • Pieces of garnet media larger than 60 mesh are normally used for sandblasting.
  • Pieces between 60 mesh and 200 mesh are normally used for water jet cutting.


  • 55 lb bags

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