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Blasting Abrasives: Glass Beads

Glass bead blasting media is widely used on aluminum and stainless steel products to obtain a smooth, satin finish. Glass beads are used in hand cabinet finishing and blast rooms. They are commonly used in mold finishing, improving the release properties of the mold.

Glass Beads

Glass bead media is chemically inert and light, removes no base metal, won’t cause ferrous contamination and provides fast coverage.

Glass Bead Media


  • Surface preparation and finishing
  • Automotive
  • Parts cleaning
  • Light rust removal

Compatible equipment:

  • Air blasting pot/cabinet
  • Pressure – approx 65 PSI
  • Suction – approx 80 PSI


Mohs – 6.0


  • Mil-3 to Mil-13
  • 30 to 325 mesh

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