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Blasting Abrasives: Staurolite Mineral Abrasive

Staurolite, also known as Starblast™, is an economical alternative to brown fused aluminum oxide. Starblast media offers a uniform fine finish to the object being blasted.

Staurolite Mineral Abrasive

This angular abrasive can be recycled for multiple passes but not nearly as many times as brown aluminum oxide. Starblast media is excellent for achieving a near-white finish and is commonly used for new steel applications.

The sub-angular shape of staurolite mineral abrasive is ideal for applications where a minimal surface profile is required. Its uniform particle size provides consistent coverage and surface finish, increasing production rates. Starblast media also has low dust levels and can be recycled three to five times.

Starblast Media


  • Water jet cutting
  • Mill scale, rust and paint removal
  • Stone and glass etching

54 – 90 grit


  • 66 lb bags
  • 3696 lb per skid

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