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Blast Rooms

Pellets LLC is a proud distributor of Clemco industrial abrasive blast cleaning rooms. These blasting facilities offer a controlled blasting environment, automatic media reclamation and separation. Our blast rooms can be assembled in all shapes and sizes and are very customizable to suit your needs.

For a Controlled Blasting Environment

Blast rooms should always prevent 100% of abrasive material from leaving the enclosure. Rest assured the Clemco blast machines we distribute are of premium quality and maintain optimal media reclamation.

Clemco’s blast room product line features equipment and accessories for contained blasting. The product line includes blast room enclosures, abrasive recovery systems, and dust collection systems. Clemco is uniquely positioned in the industry to offer a range of standard engineered recovery solutions, designed to handle the differing flow characteristics of commonly employed blast media. Clemco offers both pneumatic and mechanical systems tailored to ensure the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.

Pre-Designed PDQ Blast Rooms:

Predesigned PDQ blast rooms are less expensive than custom-engineered blast rooms, arrive quickly, and are constructed with the same durable materials and performance-enhancing components as used in custom-engineered blast rooms.

Preassembled blast room
Person in an industrial blast facility
Custom Engineered Blast Rooms:

Whether you need a recovery system for your existing room or a complete blast room or dry stripping facility big enough to handle cargo aircraft, we can help you plan, budget, and erect a state-of-the-art blast room, then train your employees to operate and maintain it.

Industrial blast facility
Industrial blast facility

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