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Blasting Abrasives: Brown Virgin Fused Aluminum Oxide

Brown virgin fused aluminum oxide is a very versatile blasting abrasive used in a wide variety of applications. It has high hardness properties and can be used for multiple purposes. It can also be recycled.

Brown Virgin Fused Aluminum Oxide

Brown fused aluminum oxide is angular in shape, giving it the ability to aggressively cut away at the surface leaving a profiled matte finish. This aggressive abrasive is to be used only in air blasting applications with boron carbide nozzles.

Please note that because it is an insulating material, brown aluminum oxide should not be used before brazing as it inhibits capillary attraction. It should not be used before plating unless a chemical cleaning bath is employed because it will not carry a current and can cause plating voids.

Brown aluminum oxide is high-quality fused virgin material produced to conform to all major industrial and governmental standards. These include:

  • CID A-A-59316
  • ANSI B74.12-2001
  • GE Aircraft Engine Group D50TF5
  • Most Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Specifications

Brown Aluminum Oxide


  • General air blasting 
  • Powder coating removal 
  • Profiling, rust/scale removal 
  • Surface preparation

16 to 220 mesh

Mohs – 9.0


  • 50 lb. bags
  • 400 lb. fiber drum
  • We also accommodate special packaging requirements.

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