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Cut Wire Shot

Cut wire shot is the media of choice for peening, cleaning and tumbling metal components. Cut wire shot can be made from any material that can be drawn into wire and can be made into precise sizes and dimensions.

A Long-Lasting, Durable Blasting & Shot Peening Media

Wire shot is very durable and long-lasting—especially stainless steel cut wire shot. Cut wire shot has excellent toughness and does not fracture or break (it just wears down), resulting in less dust and a cleaner blasting operation than cast products.

General applications for cut wire shot include:

  • Peening critical metals for fatigue strength
  • Surface improvement, deburring or deflashing metal parts/castings and rust removal
  • Paint and powder coating removal
  • Plating filler
  • Tumbling
  • Water purification

Find the Right Cut Wire Shot

We have the cut wire abrasives you’re looking for in stock! We offer cut wire media in conditioned form (rounded) and as-cut (with sharp edges).

If you aren’t sure which cut wire abrasive is the best solution to your blasting application or setup, we’ve got your back! Pellets LLC has equipment in-house that we can use to test various kinds of cut wire shot products to help you choose the best cut wire product to meet your application and needs.

Industry Specifications

We know that many customers require their shot peening process to be performed under industry-specific standards and specifications. Our cut wire shot is certifiable to the following industry specifications:

  • AMS 2431/3 (Aerospace Material Specifications)
  • AMS 2431/4
  • AMS 2431/8
  • AMS-S-13165C
  • SAE J441 (Society of Automative Engineers)
  • VDF 8001 (German Specification)

Pellets LLC is eager to provide you the cut wire shot you need! Please contact us with any questions you may have about the cut wire shot abrasives we offer.

Let’s Get Started.

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