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About Us

Pellets LLC, founded in 1948, pioneered the development of cut-wire shot for peening. In 1949, Pellets LLC began supplying cut-wire shot to General Motors and Ford. These auto industry giants used the shot for peening coil and leaf springs to improve the reliability and useful life of the springs.

Cut Wire Shot Since 1948

Using cut-wire shot offered dramatically better results than previous peening materials, prompting H.H. Miller, Research Metallurgist, Buick Motor Division of General Motors to state in a technical paper presented to the Iron and Steel Committee of the SAE, “The introduction of cut-wire shot is one of the greatest improvements that has been made to shot peening.”

Global Customer Base

We are proud to have been the first to provide cut-wire shot abrasive to industry and we continue to be a high-quality, reliable, and low-cost source for cut-wire shot worldwide. Pellets LLC is a leading supplier of abrasive products to industries including steel, alloy foundries, automotive, aerospace, metalworking, electronics, sporting goods, technology, and others.

We Want Your Business!

Whether your needs are large or small, we have the right cut wire shot, abrasive media and equipment to meet them. We ship 50 to 200 lbs UPS anywhere and we stock sufficient quantities to fulfill large orders (10,000 to 20,000 lbs) on short notice. We ship 95% of our orders same or next day!

Quality Policy

369 River Road, Inc. is committed to continually improving its processes to provide quality products and services on time to its customers, while meeting all applicable requirements.

Let’s Get Started.

We’ll start working with you immediately to meet all of your cut wire shot, blasting media and blasting equipment needs.

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