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Blasting Abrasives: Ebony Grit Copper Slag

Ebony grit (copper slag) is an economical, angular and dense abrasive commonly used for the restoration of heavily painted steel bridges, ships and water towers, among other applications.

Ebony Grit Copper Slag

This copper slag blasting media is a superior option to coal slags (such as BLACK BEAUTY®) because it has more precise sizing and creates much less dust, increasing operator visibility. Crystalline silica levels in copper slag abrasives are less than 1%.

Ebony grit is not recommended for use in air blast cabinets.

Ebony Grit Copper Slag


  • Heavy rust and/or scale removal
  • Paint removal – Especially heavy machinery (plows, excavators, dump trucks, etc.)
  • Restoration – Bridges, water towers, etc.


  • 12 – Course
  • 14 – Medium
  • 20 – Fine


  • 55 lb Bag
  • 3,000 lb Super Sack

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