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Zinc Cut Wire Shot

Zinc cut wire shot is used when softer media is needed (20 to 30 HRB). It’s made from pure zinc wire or a zinc alloy wire in several diameters. Zinc cut wire shot, while quite dense, can be used on delicate objects because it is very soft. Zinc cut wire shot can also be used as a water purification component.

For Paint Removal and Deflashing

Paint Removal

Zinc cut wire is excellent for paint removal and won’t damage work objects. Zinc removes the paint fast because it flattens as it hits the work object. It does not harm the work object surface, leaving a very fine zinc film for corrosion protection. This film also makes it easier to remove the paint the next time paint needs to be removed from the work object, such as paint line hooks.


Zinc cut wire shot is great for deflashing aluminum and titanium parts and zinc castings. The zinc does not harm the surface of the work object, does not impart any ferrous material into the surface of the work object, and leaves a bright finish.

Additional Information


  • Deburring die castings
  • Paint and powder coat stripping (won’t damage tooling, paint hooks, etc.)
  • Deflashing (removes flash up to .020”)
  • Water purification

Compatible equipment:

  • Air blast (smaller sizes)
  • Wheel blast


  • Special high-grade zinc (99.995% pure zinc)
  • Other – We can process any zinc wire into cut wire shot.


  • Cylindrical with sharp edges


  • .030” – .125” (.3 mm – 3.2 mm)
  • Sizes stocked: .030”, .040”, .057”, .064”, .090” & .125”

Bulk density:
256 lbs/ft3


  • 50 lb bags
  • 30-gallon corrugated drum
  • 55-gallon steel drum
  • We also accommodate special packaging requirements.

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