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Cast Steel Shot and Grit

Photo of cast steel shot and grit

Applications: Shot and grit are the products of choice for cleaning in every type of wheel machine as well as in blast rooms where nozzles are employed in air blasting. Shot is generally employed in wheel machines where smoother finishes are required. It is also used in spin blast and conveyor applications when no rebound is present. Grit works best in tumblast applications where the eccentric rebound aids coverage. Airblast applications work best with high hardness grit for fast cleaning.

Specs: Shot and grit are available in various hardness categories. Shot is stocked in a 41 to 50+ HRC range. Cast steel grit is stocked in three hardness ranges: HRC 40 - 51; HRC 54 - 61; and 60 HRC minimum. Both are available for immediate shipment.