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Other Abrasives


Photo of garnet

Applications: Common replacement for silica sand in sand blasting; water jet cutting of materials including steel.

Specs: Pieces larger than 60 mesh are normally used for sand blasting. Pieces between 60 mesh and 200 mesh are normally used for water jet cutting.

Mineral Sands

Photo of mineral sands

Applications: Water jet cutting; mill scale, rust, and paint removal; stone and glass etching. Excellent for achieving a near white finish and commonly used for new steel applications.

Specs: Sub-angular shape is ideal for applications where a minimal surface profile is required. Uniform particle size provides consistent coverage and surface finish, increasing production rates. Lower dust levels. Can be recycled three to five times.


Photo of ebony grit

Applications: Commonly used for restoration of heavily painted steel bridges, ships and water towers. Note that this is NOT coal slag, which is dusty, dirty, and poorly sized.

Specs: Coarse, angular, and dense, slag offers very low dust levels and faster cleaning. Crystalline silica levels are less than 1%.

Plastic Grit

Photo of plastic grit

Applications: Powder coating removal; non-etch cleaning; removal of difficult coatings without damage to delicate substrates such as titanium, aluminum, and anodized and cadmium-plated surfaces.

Specs: An alternative to chemical strippers. Very low specific gravity and hardness.

Corncob Grit

Photo of corncob grit

Applications: For removal of surface contamination, debris, and coatings with little to no impact on the substrate.

Specs: Resistant to break down and can be re-used multiple times in the blasting process. Virtually dust-free and leaves a clean and dry surface. Available in a variety of grit sizes and presents no health or environmental hazards.

Walnut Shells

Photo of walnut shells

Applications: Blast clean and polish soft metals, glass, fiberglass, wood, plastic and stone. Removal of paint, flash, burrs and other flaws in plastic, alloy die casting and electronics; clean automotive parts, aircraft engines and turbines; remove graffiti; cleaning and restoration of steel, wood, brick, stone or concrete; polishing and cleaning of fine metals and alloys.

Specs: Soft, durable, and can be ground to various sizes ranging from coarse to extra fine, allowing for a fine degree of control over