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Selecting the proper deburring/finishing media can be “black magic” in many cases. At Pellets we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in making your choice and taking the ‘black’ out of a magical finish!

Ceramic Media

Applications: Used for deburring, deflashing, cutting, burnishing, polishing and brightening.

Specs: Standard bond ceramic media available for burnishing, mild cut, medium cut and fast cut applications. Offered in many sizes and shapes.

Plastic Media

Applications: Used for deburring, flash removal, surface metal removal and fine finishing. Great for aluminum, brass, cooper and other lightweight materials.

Specs: A polyester resin vibratory media available in low density, high density and high performance formulations. Many different shapes are available.

Carbon and Stainless Steel Media

Applications: Used in applications such as stress relieving, strengthening, brightening and preplate.

Specs: A durable mass finishing material that results in burr-free, bright, and smooth finishes. Parts processed with steel media have longer life cycles and stronger resistance to wear than parts finished with other vibratory finishing media. Available in spheres, cones, ball cones, oval balls and diagonals.

Dry Tumbling Media

Applications: Polish, dry, and shine parts.

Specs: Includes walnut shells, corn cob, and various additives.